My name is Sophie, I am an actress and mother of 2 children. My various expatriations, my love of travel and my passion for hats...gave me the idea of ​​creating the Hat Bag and thus attempting my first entrepreneurial adventure. Since 2019, thousands of hat enthusiasts in more than 50 countries have trusted me and are delighted to finally be able, like me, to travel hands-free!




A fan of hats and travel, I often found myself not knowing what to do with them in train stations and airports! And from what I see around me I'm not the only one! Between those who carry them by hand, those who pile all the family hats on their heads or those who sacrifice them at the bottom of a bag to be able to hold the passport, the tickets, the laptop, the hand of the children etc. ...So I had the idea of ​​the Hat Bag, the perfect accessory for traveling with your hats hands-free and in style!




The Hat Bag is designed in France with materials of exceptional quality. It is made with premium leather tanned with a vegetable process (without chemicals). After dozens of tests, we have specially selected this extra thick 3mm leather to ensure that the hat stays in place. The chosen metalwork is of high quality. The assembly is done by hand, in an artisanal way and the finishes are very neat. The storage pouch is 100% cotton.